General News of Interest to Norse Clients and potential Clients

General News of Interest to Norse Clients and potential Clients

Check out the literature page for a discussion of this question. Learn about the four T's and how they relate to making you 30% more profitable.

Send us your email address

We don't have current email contacts for all of our clients and their employees, since we communicate mostly by phone. We would also love to hear from potential clients, even if their interest is not immediate. Please drop us an email at and get on our emailing list.

New Phone Menu

We have been refining our Internet Based PBX system, in an attempt to improve our phone service to you. To this end we have been utilizing VOIP (Voice Over IP) service from "OneBox" . Please listen carefully to the new options so your call will be directed appropriately. Calls to our extensions will automatically be forwarded to us. See the Contacts page for numbers. This internet based PBX technology, and internet based phone service are promising technologies. They may present an opportunity for you. We would be glad to discuss our experience with you.

Business Sales and Acquistion Services

We are pleased to announce a new set of services for clients who wish to acquire another bus business or to sell theirs. Acquisition or Sale is one way to grow or realize the value in the business you have built. Because of our unique involvement with helping clients increase the value of their bus business we are well positioned to help with the process of evaluating, valuing, or conditioning a business for sale, acquistion. or sucession planning. Specialized engagements with contingent fees are available as well as strategic growth planning. You must have a plan in order to build value in your business and turn it into wealth, we can help you with this complicated process. Call to discuss your situation in complete confidence and at no charge to see if this is a service that help you. See the announcement on the literature page or the link here.

Graduate Level Training Seminars

We are planning a series of free training sessions, utilizing the web meeting and training tool from WEBEX.. These sessions will be open to clients and potential clients for participation and may cover a variety of topics. Visit to check for scheduled meetings. Clients and prospective clients should not hesitate to request an online meeting to discuss any issue of interest to them. Please give a us a call and suggest a topic that interests you.

Sept 2010 App Import is released

The improvements keep on coming. The Sept 2010 "AppImport" is ready for installation on current systems. Call us if you want some guidance installing upgrades to bring your system right up to the very latest. Remember there is no charge for updates, just for support time to install, and they are automated, fast and simple to install. Each month we release hundreds of product improvements, ask us about them.

Graphic Interface for Charter Order Entry

The GUI version of the Charter Order Entry process is in production for over 2 years now and users can still use the Legagcy version if they choose to. The newest version has new features allowing the use of the new "Destination" files, enhanced pricing features, auto itinerary building and timing, a variety of quote and invoice output and communications options including email, expanded customer contact information, new quote history lookup tools, integration with the Patron Files for third party transport services, new bus availability options and more .... . The new process is easy to use and fast it also accesses all of your older charter history without loosing any functionality. Plan your transition today. Attend a free Webinar familiarization session to get ready to switch over. Yyou can mix the new interface with the Legacy applications if you like to make your change more gradual. The new interface was first included in the November 2007 app-import, but you should upgrade to Sept 2010 to get all the latest and greatest. We will be glad to show you the new version if you give us a call. We still expect to support the Legacy interface for users who prefer it for at least another yaer or more. This will allow everyone adequate time to familiarize with the new interface, and test it thoroughly before putting it in production.

Attachable Objects

This is a new capability to attach a wide variety of computer objects like pictures, letters, spreadsheets, PDF documents, scanned items etc. to database elements. This works much like attachable notes work now, in that one object may be associated with several database elements.
For an example an scanned copy of an accident report can be associated with the vehicle, the driver and the school bus route or assignment clip, as well as the accident incident record. This powerful capability is in production now. Call us if you have ideas you would like to share with us or other users. See the attachables document using the following link Attachables

CEMP1 Repair Order Entry/Maintenance

The repair order entry and maintenance program has been rewritten to take full advantage of "Screen Driver" and has numerous cool new features . The new program incorporates some very powerful data research tools that can be accessed right from the Repair Order Enrtry screen. The character interface option is fully functional for those users with a preference for this interface. Check it out and get a bit of training with the upgrade.
CEMP1 also includes complete support for "bar code" operations including bar code repair order maintenance, and inventory functions. Ask us for a training/demonstartion session.

Check your Menus

We have embedded a additional piece of ScreenDriver technology in the menus. Most selections now execute "MenuObjects" (MOX) this makes it easier for you to build custom menu's with consistant behavior.

New Literature Available

We are expanding your choices for literature and reference documentation, check the "Literature" and the new "Samples Demos" for newly released documents and Demo Movies. Additional documents are available from our FTP site for clients. You are always welcome to give us a call, and we'll mail the most current sales literature to you with our compliments.

Demo's and Support available over the WEB

We are pleased to inform you that we can provide complete product demonstration and/or evaluation sessions over the WEB using a "webinar" approach from WebeX. This approach allows us to share a session with up to 8 interractive participants at one time. All of the graphic user interface features and map applications can be exercised during a session. All you need is access to the internet. Call Allen to schedule a demo session, or participation in a seminar. Keep your eye on for a Calendar of scheduled presentations you can register for.

New Tour & Shuttle Software and Credit Card Processing from data entry screens for Summer 2011

Credit Card processing for charters, invoices and reservations with and a completely revamped tour, shuttle, line run, and multiday tour reservation system should be released for production for summer of 2011.


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