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In 1984, Leif Petterson founded Norse Systems and introduced the first computer system based on a commercial database that was designed for bus and motorcoach companies. Today Norse is still leading the way with important innovations in technology, marketing and applications with leading edge designs to improve profitability and performance for all of our clients.

The focus at Norse has been on creating new ways to improve profitability. The drive to improve client profitability is the motivator behind Norse technical innovations. Working closely with our clients helps us focus and sort out what really works. That's why we've been here so long nearly 35 years a rarity in the ever changing computer system and application marketplace.

The senior staff. At Norse Systems we pride ourselves on our professionalism. Mr. Petterson is a certified system professional with certifications in both system management and systems design. Mr. Petterson has graduate degrees in business and in computer science and over 40 years of management experience, he has consulted for approximately 200 businesses in a variety of industries

Mr. David Hopper, the other senior partner at Norse Systems also has 40 plus years of experience as a senior system analyst, manager, and consultant in a variety of industries and has authored books on "Integrating Software Systems". Mr. Hopper also brings extraordinary depth and breadth of experience to bear on the issues facing our clients as well as a nationally known set of technical skills. Mr. Hopper first joined Norse Systems in 1985. He returned to work with Norse again in 2002.

Both Mr. Petterson and Mr. Hopper have personally designed and implemented successful integrated commercial software applications, and have founded and built successful companies, a claim that can be made by only a tiny fraction of system professionals. They have continued to work together on a variety of projects for more than 25 years. Their experience is brought to bear on every client business issue Norse addresses.

The rest of the team - In addition to the Norse staff we work closely with a set of Strategic Partners. These partners are acknowledged leaders in their field and generally have been known by and worked with the Norse senior staff for years.

Norse is a partner with Rocket Software

Norse is a partner with Rocket Software. Rocket provides the database (U2-Universe) that Norse applications are built on. The Universe database was previously owned by IBM. Universe web site

EasyCo, Inc. - This is the company that we partner with for the provision of the Virtual Server. EasyCo principals Sam Anderson and Doug Dimitru are nationally/internationally known for their professionalism, expertise and contributions to the industry. The staff at Norse has worked with these gentlemen for many years. Norse Virtual Server clients have access to EasyCo support if needed 24 hours a day. EasyCo Website

Accusoft Enterprises- Pete Shellenbeck at accusoft enterprises is internationally known for his "Accusoft" product. Norse uses Accusoft-2k2 as the workstation portion of our software, and a standard element of our Screen Driver application standards. Pete is another resource and contributor to our technical team.Accusoft Website

Klynas Engineering - Scott Klynas is nationally known for his work with geodata mapping applications. Norse has worked with Scott and his "Streets" product for more than 15 years. The current mapping applications from Klynas are the applications used to provide map support for the " Routing Wizard " school bus routing system from Norse. Klynas Website

Norse Systems, Inc. also owns the "Public" health claim processing system, which is a set of software for HMO or health insurers health care claim processing based on our Screen Driver technology.


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