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Norse systems support is typically delivered as a professional service. Rocket Software does require a current annual support agreement for any technical support for the database, changes in user count or migration to a new machine or platform, if you choose to own your Database license. Klynas engineering requires a support fee for web access to map application updates. We bill both of these support fees from Norse.

Norse systems has always charged for incremental client support. We do this so that the client can always expect to get the support they require even if it involves customizing the software, or addressing consulting or training issues that go beyond the scope of "application usage". It also provides an incentive for clients to use our time wisely and puts the burden of providing real value in our support squarely on us. We frequently exercise our judgement as to what represents fair value in support billing and our clients are always encouraged to question the degree of value delivered whenever they have any doubt as to what billing is appropriate. The support relationship is governed by a "Professional Engagement Agreement" between Norse and our clients readily cancellable by either party. The professional relationship survives only because it is profitable for our clients.

Virtual Servers

Virtual Servers make it possible for Norse staff to work directly on client systems with the same ease that would be available the Norse staff person were physically in your office

If you are a Norse client you can all the suport contact information listed for the help menu on your screen .

In addition to the above explanation we expect to add links to AppImport information and downloads of useful software. as well as some product recommendations and a reference resource for infrequently used procedures. The expansion of this area of the site will be an ongoing effort. Please don't hesitate to contact us with suggestions of things you would find useful.


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