Norse Systems, Inc. is a MultiValue software development and management consulting practice that has specialized in providing integrated business software solutions for business for over 33 years. In the course of this practice, Norse has developed a comprehensive "Enterprise IT Environment" ScreenDriver®. Now Norse is offering this comprehensive tool set, including XRAD (extremely rapid application development) to other developers, and end user IT departments. This product represents a significant new capability for MultiValue developers and users, seeking to modernize legacy applications or develop new software in a comprehensive IT context.

ScreenDriver® is included with all the Norse application software. It is a comprehensive set of advanced tools for the creation, management and maintenance of enterprise mission critical software. It can dramatically improve the productivity of your IT development or support staff. It includes an extensive set of User, Security and Administrator tools that provide a rich, stable and flexible platform on which to base your Enterprise Systems. See the literature page for more detailed information. Don't hesitate to call us with any questions.

The bus Industry Solution


Norse Systems, Inc. has been providing integrated business application software for the bus transportation industry for over 33 years. We are proud to be able to claim that we have numerous client relationships that have now lasted more than 20 years. This is an amazing accomplishment in the software industry which has been so dynamic and competitive during this time frame. We believe we have this kind of success with our clients for one reason only and that is because clients are convinced that their relationship with Norse Sytems is a profitable one for them.

We have applications to address all of a bus operator's needs, including Charter, School Transportation, School Bus Routing, Driver Qualifications, Dispatch, Line Run, Tour and Shuttle Reservation Systems, Equipment Maintenance, Inventory Control, Accident Tracking, Driver Pay and Time Keeping, and fully Integrated Financial Systems. All of hese products are multi-site and multi-company and can run on a Virtual Server from Norse. All of these applications include the "Screen Driver" tool set for extraordinary appication flexibility and data access.

"CharterManager2" is a complete sales and operations management tool for coach operators. It also serves as the Field Trip management tool for School bus operators. It includes the most powerful pricing and operating tools available to the industry. It integrates completely with other applications from Norse, including financials, and addresses all of your dispatch and operational management requirements including line runs, tours, charters, and school bus field trip activities. It is the perfect solution for companies with a mix of COACH and School Bus, or operators with multiple sites. "CharterManager2" will add consistency and profitability to your marketing and provide superior communication with you customers as well as superior financial control. We invite you to compare it to anything in the industry and see if you don't agree that it is the superior tool for managing your Charter Business.

Norse Systems, Inc. is proud of the innovative and effective way our CEMP (Capital Equipment Maintenance Program) performs. We have solved many of the problems that prevent other maintenance systems from implementing successfully in a variety of maintenance settings. The CEMP approach is to have one maintenance environment for all of your maintenance needs. The system allows for the mixing of fleet, facility, equipment, production machinery even aircraft assets in one consistently managed maintenance setting.

This flexibility is unique in the industry. In addition CEMP users are able to benefit from sophisticated Inventory and Purchasing systems as well as being able to provide complete Financial control, through General Ledger distributions for all maintenance and inventory activity. The ability to deploy this application on a Virtual Server means no capital investment and access everywhere your equipment goes. See the links on the literature Page to learn more about this unique and powerful approach to maintenance for all your assets.


Norse has been providing applications for support of student transportation for years. But now we have made your school bus routing dreams come true. The current version of the Routing Wizard is even more powerful. This application combines a robust commercial database to manage the data, state of the art application software, and powerful mapping and logic programs to allow for a degree of performance in school bus routing that has not been previously available. The system is great for counties states or contractors who need to work with multiple districts or towns. The data is centralized in a secure database accessible by all users, from a variety of locations while map power is provided at each workstation.

User profiles allow for one or many district access, a perfect approach for utilizing routing experts to support multiple sites. The system is loaded with sophisticated features to improve service for students and parents, and the abiltiy to support all sorts of routing solutions to maximize efficiency. It can be deployed on a Virtual Server requiring no capital investment low cost and immediate results. Now every school district or school bus contractor can have a total busing solution. The Routing Wizard is now bundled with SkoolBusApp for an even greater level of safety and convenience for students and parents. See the literature page to learn more.


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